Konzert – Jive Mother Mary

Buchholz Saloon, Foto: Buchholz Saloon
Jive Mother Mary is not the typical story you see in Rock N' Roll these days. They were not created to take an easy ride to the top. They're the type of band that comes from long friendships, 500 mile van rides, and honing your skills for 12 years in smoky bars, which is miraculous when you take into account that the founding members are 28 years old. Steeped in the Southern Rock tradition, this band is the culmination of that magic blend of blood, sweat, and soul that sticks to your ribs like a sunday dinner.

Ort und Zeit

Adresse: Wesendahler Straße 12, 15345 Altlandsberg OT Buchholz
Eröffnung: 09.10.2022 | 16:00 Uhr

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